Now that you have your beautiful extensions, you will need to follow some simple aftercare rules to keep them looking their best.

Remember just like nails, your natural lashes grow, so they will need a maintenance appointment every few weeks- that’s if you choose to keep them looking their best. At an infill we replace the extensions that naturally shed with your natural lashes.

Humans shed approximately 3 eyelashes per upper lid, per eye, per day. We apply approximately 100 extensions to each eye, so after 7 days you will loose 21 extensions, 14 days 42 extensions, 21 days 63 extensions.

Eyelash adhesive actually takes 24 hours to complete cure, so the first 24 hours are the most important time to ensure that your lashes will last-

• Do not get your extensions wet for the first 24 hours- exposing your new extensions to any moisture such as steam, high humidity and water will result in the lash glue over curing and becoming brittle and your extensions will fall out within a few days.

• After 24 hours please keep your extensions clean- clean them gently and daily with baby shampoo. Bodily oils that travel into your extensions will break down adhesive if not removed.

• Keep oil based products away from your extensions and limit the use on your face if possible. Oily products are absorbed into the skin, these then leave your body through your pores on your skin, including your eyelids. This oil can travel into the extensions and break down the glue. Brush your extensions daily to keep them looking neat.

• Do not pick or pull out your extensions. The adhesive, although safe to use is very strong, picking and pulling will pull your natural lashes out.

• Do not sleep on your face. Your extensions are delicate so ‘face planting’ in your pillow will cause your extensions to fall out where they are being ‘rubbed out’ in the night.

During the spring and autumn, humans experience natural lash sheds. Just like animals, we shed hair all over our bodies- including our lashes. At these times of the year you may find that your lashes don’t last as long because of this natural shed. After a few weeks our bodies do calm down, so do not be alarmed.

Lashes grow in cycles – the average cycle is usually 9-12 weeks. This means that the amount of lashes you have per week will vary, depending on what stage of your lash cycle you are in. Some weeks your lashes will look fuller than other weeks, some weeks your retention will be better.

If you have any other problems with your extensions then please let us know ASAP and within 5 days of your appointment. We do not issue refunds, but instead work with the client to rectify any problems that they may have with their lashes. Our products and techniques are tried and tested and as such, they work. We have a large and happy client base with our clients returning week after week with healthy natural lashes and well maintained extensions. In the rare event of a client experiencing any problems, it is usually as a result of improper aftercare, or that they may not be a suitable candidate for lash extensions. However, we always work with the client to figure out why they may be having problems.

Please return for your infill within three weeks (unless you wish your extensions to fall out naturally.) After 3 weeks you will be charged additionally for the extra work needed, a may require a full set.