Semi-permanent Makeup


Microblading £350
Pre-treatment Questionnaire

Procedure cannot be preformed under certain conditions, therefore in order to preform the eyebrow drawing treatment in a safe manner and rightly, please answer the following questions truthfully.

Are you less than 18 years old? Yes/no

Do you suffer the following diseases or are you taking any of these medications ? (please circle the correct answer)
1. Haemophilia? – YES/NO
2. Diabetes mellitus? – YES/NO
3. Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F ? – YES/NO
4. HIV? – YES/NO
5. Skin diseases? – YES/NO
6. Eczema ? – YES/NO
7. Allergies ? -YES/NO
8. Autoimmune diseases ? -YES/NO
9. Are you prone to herpes? -YES/NO
10.Infectious diseases /
high fever ? -YES/NO
11.Are you Eplietic and have
experienced seizure in the past
two years? -YES/NO
12. Cardiovasular problems? -YES/NO
13. Are you taking medication
for blood thinning? -YES/NO
14. Are you pregnant or
nursing? -YES/NO
15. Do you have a pacemaker? -YES/NO
16. Do you have problems with
wound healing? -YES/NO
17. Have you consumed drugs
or alcohol in the last 24 hours? -YES/NO
18. Have you used antasuse and
roaccutane within 6 months from
the treatment date? -YES/NO

Are you taking any medication on a daily basis? YES/NO
If yes, please state-

Did you undergo any surgery, medical interventions or have exposed to radiation in the last 14 days? YES/NO

Did you have pre or post radiotherapy/ chemotherapy treatment in a period of five weeks? YES/NO

Are you taking warfarin? If yes do you have medical consent? YES/NO

This information is confidential and it also shall be handled in that way.
Samantha rose Houghton assumes no liability in case the client gives false information.

Contractual obligations

I have been offered to take a patch test? YES/NO

I agree to take a patch test and I am informed that it should be done 24 hours before the treatment? YES/NO

Treatment details

Length of time of the treatment – About three hours.

Level of pain? – Depends on a persons sensitivity for a pain. Uncomfortable sensations may last from 5-10 minutes. Then anaesthetic will be applied.

Are there any side effects during or after the procedure?- During the procedure there may be some minor bleeding. This will depend on the clients skin structure.

Does it hurt afterwards?- The area can be a little sore for the first few hours and then tender to touch for a couple of days.

The client is informed in detail by Samantha about specific risks of eyebrow drawing treatment using microblading technique.

Treatment Risks

The following risks are specifically explained to the client:

During the treatment all precautionary measures of any possible injury are taken.
Despite the application of the most advanced an the top quality pigments, an allergic reaction is possible but rare. The client is informed about this and he/she assumes liability.
During and after the treatment temporary, swelling, redness and itching may occur. Experience tells us that these symptoms are temporary and normal.
Depending on the skin structure after the first treatment small scabs with a loss of drawn hairs may occur and colour intensity may change. In the first seven days eyebrows are up to 40-50% darker and 10-15% thicker. Colour intensity depends on the natural skin pigment.
The shape of the eyebrow is determined according to the face proportions. Symmetry is determined digitally , with closed eyes, because of the negative impact of facial expressions. Shape, style and colour of eyebrows are chosen by Samantha. Only thickness and length of eyebrow can be discussed with client.
The pigment is absorbed differently due to difference in skin quality, thus there is no warranty for the treatment success.
Depending on the skin structure it should be noted that change in colour intensity is possible and that more additional treatment will be required.
The minimum or maximum duration of eyebrow drawing treatment cannot be determined with certainty, nor can warranty be given on a performed treatment.
The first correction is done minimum in four weeks of treatment. For oily or other problematic skin it is necessary to preform more corrections.
Permanent makeup always leads to skin injury. Therefore, it is important to carefully and gently nurture your skin after the treatment to allow healing without complications.
Inadequate care in healing phase of the skin can lead to poor results and Samantha cannot be liable for it.

In the next seven days the client is required to pay attention to the following:

Half an hour after the end of the treatment eyebrows should be rinses with warm water and mild antibacterial shampoo. Hereafter a thin layer of aftercare cream should be applied. Rinsing and applying aftercare cream should be repeated 3 to 5 times during the first day and then in next 5 days just applying a thin layer of aftercare cream.

Aftercare depending on the skin type:
Oily skin (18-30 years)- Gently clean eyebrows with moisten cotton pad disk with boiled-chilled water and antibacterial shampoo in the morning and evening without applying any aftercare cream.
Oily skin (50-65 years)- Gently clean eyebrows with moisten cotton pad disk with boiled- chilled water and antibacterial shampoo in the morning and evening. Use aftercare cream if needed.
Dry and normal skin- Gently clean eyebrows with moisten cotton pad disk with boiled-chilled water and antibacterial shampoo in the morning and evening. Apply aftercare cream that contains the mixture of natural and synthetic components.

For post treatment care use provided or suggested cream. Please do not use any other creams expect the ones provided or advised to you in order to prevent possible infections or allergic reactions.
In the first three weeks after treatment please avoid public bathing, sunbathing, tanning, sauna, beauty treatments, make up, intense sweating, contact with dust. Please try not to touch area of eyebrows except when you clean them until healing is finished. To avoid any possible complications, please wash your hands with antibacterial soap before any aftercare treatment.
Samantha is not liable in case of improper post treatment care.

Deposit Payment & Cancellation

A deposit of £50 will be charged for the consultation.
A further Deposit of £50 will be charged when booking appointment. Together £100 will be deducted of the full treatment which will be the remaining cost of £250.

In the case of booking cancellation, deposit is non- refundable.

Post Treatment Care

30 minutes after the treatment rinse the eyebrows with neutral soap (children’s). Remove all the lymph and previously applied cream by doing so. After that apply a very thin layer of PhiShield.

Repeat this procedure 3 to 5 times during the day. If the treatment was done late in the afternoon and you do not have time to do it 3 to 5 times, put a plastic foil over the eyebrows you previously apple the cream on, so that you protect the eyebrows from drying and wiping overnight.

In the next 7 days, maintain facial hygiene and apply the cream after washing your face or having a shower. PhiShield can be used on all skin types, due to its natural active components that regulate oiling.

What is to be avoided:
During the first 7 days all the creams (except for protective one), all makeup (foundation) in the eyebrow area. Avoid workouts that involve a lot of sweating, sauna, facial massage and steaming (inhalation).

In the next 30 days:
Sunbathing, solarium, light therapies, chemical peelings, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors. Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (fraxel, laser, IPL) because they can destroy the pigments and cause burns. Use of antibiotics and hormonal therapy can lead to a faster pigment fading. Always protect the eyebrows from the sun with SPFs (not during the first 7 days).