Soprano ICE Skin Tightening

What is non-surgical skin tightening ?

Soprano ICE Laser skin tightening works by using near infared light to increase the collagen in the skin & tighten the area treated. This treatment is perfect for tightening, smoothing and reducing winkles and fine lines.

The device creates heat in the area treated, but it is not painful or uncomfortable as a cooling gel is applied before the treatemnt.

For the ideal result, we recommend a course of 6 sessions

What are the results?

Tightens loose skin on areas like the neck and jawline.
Improves the appearance of sagginess around the eye area.
Reduce the appearance of the nose to mouth lines.
Improves skin texture.
It can be used on almost any area, but the mosyt popular areas are: Full Face, Neck, Chest, Upper arms, Abdomen, Knees/Elbows.

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